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Employee Survey

Dear employee,

as previously announced, the Dr. Peters Group is working to improve internal communication. That is the aim of this employee survey. We ask you to kindly complete this form. Please answer the questions openly and honestly, and express praise and criticism where you feel it is appropriate.

Your information will be treated confidentially. No sender’s address will appear on the recipient’s end. Answering the questions will take about 10 minutes.

Please submit the completed questionnaire by no later than April 25, 2017.

Thank you for your participation!


Employee questionnaire

Employee questionnaire
1) What is your gender?

Antwort 1):
2) How old are you?

3) At which location of the Dr. Peters Group do you work?

Antwort 3):
4) What is your position in the company?

5) Your Department:

6) How long have you been working for Dr. Peters Group?

7) How many employers did you have prior to working at Dr. Peters?
8) How closely do you identify with Dr. Peters Group as an employer?

Antwort 8):
9) I like to take on new tasks

Antwort 9):
10) I like to familiarize myself with previously unknown, new topics

Antwort 10):
11) Regular change is important for a company

Antwort 11):
12) How would you describe the Dr. Peters Group with regard to the current level of innovation?

a) Products:

Antwort 12a:
b) Form of organisation:

Antwort 12b:
c) Involvement of employees in decision- making processes:

Antwort 12c:
d) Personnel policies (e.g. training, working hours, home office):

Antwort 12d:
e) Work processes / work organisation:

Antwort 12e:
f) IT equipment:

Antwort 12f:
g) Office equipment:

Antwort 12g:
h) Other (office) infrastructure:

Antwort 12h:
i) External communications (vis-a-vis customers, investors etc.):

Antwort 12i:
j) Which area of our company is not innovative at all?

k) Which area of our company is especially innovative?

13) How would you describe the Dr. Peters Group with regard to the Overall Organisation?

a) Changes are perceived positively in our company

Antwort 13a):
b) Changes / projects are implemented quickly in our company

Antwort 13b):
c) Changes / projects in our company are implemented in a well-organised fashion

Antwort 13c):
d) Our company implements relevant projects / changes

Antwort 13d):
e) Other departments / employees keep me from implementing changes

Antwort 13e):
f) My superiors are open to change

Antwort 13f):
g) My superiors are interested in my proposals for change

Antwort 13g):
h) My superiors support me in implementing proposals for change

Antwort 13h):
i) Holding Management is open to change

Antwort 13i):
j) Which of the following are obstacles to innovation / change at Dr. Peters?

Antwort 13j):
14) How would you assess the information policy of the Dr. Peters Group?
Antwort 14):
15) How strong is your interest in good internal communication?

Antwort 15):
16) How often do you actively seek out information about the Dr. Peters Group?

Antwort 16):
17) What do you think are the main tasks for internal communication? (Multiple responses possible)

Antwort 17:
18) Which internal communication channels do you currently use? (Multiple responses possible)
Antwort 18:
19) Which internal communication channels would you also like to have? (Multiple responses possible)?

Antwort 19):
20) How important is the intranet to you as a means of communication?

Antwort 20:
21) How often do you use the intranet as an information channel?

Antwort 21):
22) Would you use the intranet more often if it offered more content?

Antwort 22):
23) What content should the Dr. Peters Group provide to you in the intranet? (Multiple responses possible)
Antwort 23):
Your suggestions (optional):