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2019-07-05: Norwegians want to halve emissions from shipping and fishing by 2030

However, the conversion of global shipping to more climate-friendly fuels will take decades.

Norway continues to make its maritime economy more environmentally friendly. The government published an action plan at the end of June, presenting measures and instruments in seven shipping categories: Passenger ships and ferries, cruise ships and larger passenger ferries, cargo ships, offshore ships, special ships and fishing vessels, fishing vessels and recreational craft.

To achieve its ambitious goal in the next 11 years, Norway is increasingly focusing on the electrification of shipping via batteries and hybrid solutions and the increased use of LNG and biogas. Support for the development of infrastructures such as charging current and hydrogen, a reduced electricity tax as well as environmentally differentiated harbour dues are also part of the strategy. 
The worldwide picture looks very different. More and more ships can refuel LNG, but their share of the global merchant fleet remains low for the time being, the Maritime LNG Platform in Hamburg announced. At present, only a few hundred ships with LNG are in service worldwide, with a world fleet of 50,000 to 80,000 ships.

Meanwhile, Norway's Prime Minister Erna Solberg declared: "Focusing on green shipping is an important step in climate policy. We are reducing emissions at home, strengthening industry and helping to develop new and climate-friendly technologies that can be exported globally. In this way, we contribute to growth and employment along the entire coast."

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