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2019-05-07: Real estate boom: Price increase continues unabated at eight percent

Asset class proved very popular with investors in the second quarter of 2019.

The real estate asset class currently accounts for 81 per cent of the total investment volume of the past three months. This is the result of a current evaluation by the fund broker

This means that real estate remains the undisputed leader among the most popular investments. The respondents of the survey used the whole range currently  available in the market: A large selection of different types of use and product categories was invested in, including hotel and care properties. Other asset classes such as for example the environment/renewable energies category (with a share of only 16 percent) have a much more difficult stand.   

The price increase for real estate is still around eight per cent, the prices for building land have increased by around 11 per cent and condominiums have also increased by 10-15 per cent.

Specialists expect prices to continue to rise in the coming years. A study by the University of Freiburg even states that rising property prices can be expected nationwide by 2030. Only individual regions, particularly in eastern Germany, are exempt from this. Real estate in sought-after metropolises such as Berlin or Hamburg is expected to become increasingly more expensive by 2060.

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