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2019-03-08: Expedition to the Arctic

Dr. Peters Group asset managers organise successful Antarctic expedition

Due to the raw materials hidden under the ice, interest in economic exploration of the Arctic is growing. For example, Great Britain is pushing ahead with the expansion of its Rothera research station. Starting with the quay, where the new flagship of the British Antarctic Programme will soon be moored.

The project is complex: In order to erect the quay and expand the research station, 4,500 tons of steel and numerous construction machines are needed. But how can such quantities of material and machines be transported through the ice, some of which is still meters thick? This mammoth task was mastered by the asset managers of Dr. Peters Group’s shipping division.

They prepared the ice expedition for about half a year. In addition to the technical inspection of the DS Wisconsin freighter used for the transport, the focus was on training the crew. The crew had to practice in a simulator how to moor in the ice. An undertaking that is challenging even for the most experienced seamen.

In light of this, it is even more impressive how smoothly the docking manoeuvre succeeded on site. “The arrival of Wisconsin is an important step in modernising our infrastructure so that Great Britain can continue to be at the forefront of polar research," says David Seaton, Head of the British Antarctic Program.

The asset managers of Dr. Peters Group have once again proven that they can master difficult tasks with flying colours and find optimal solutions - for the ship, the crew and above all the clients.


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