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2019-03-01: Strong demand for LNG from China

Planned expansion of LNG supply infrastructure for shipping

Trend from Asia: China triggers a dynamic increase in demand for liquefied natural gas. The country has set itself the goal of improving air quality in cities. According to a study by Shell, it is increasingly focusing on liquefied natural gas.

In 2018, LNG imports increased by 16 million tonnes to 319 million tonnes worldwide. This is an increase of 40 per cent compared with the previous year. Experts believe that this trend will continue.

In addition to Qatar as the main exporter, Australia has now caught up as an LNG exporter. Both are well positioned to supply the rapidly growing Asian markets. However, if demand continues to rise as before, supply bottlenecks will occur as early as mid-2020.  

To counteract this, the largest liquid gas bunker ship in Asia (112 meters long with a capacity of 12,000 cubic meters) will be deployed in the port of Singapore after completion at the beginning of 2021. For Singapore's Martime and Port Authority, the project is an important step towards a reliable LNG supply. The site aims to become the world's largest LNG bunker port.

The use of LNG can drastically reduce the high greenhouse gas emissions of ships or heavy trucks, for example. In shipping alone, greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced by 132 million tonnes per year by 2040.




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