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2018-07-20 Antwerp harbor keep on growing

|   Schiffe

Europe’s second largest harbor in Antwerp maintained unbroken its successful course and presents the best-ever first-half result.

In the first six month nearly 188, 6 million tons of goods had been lifted over the quay walls. According to the Schelde city’s port operation this corresponds to an increase of 6, 5 percent to the same period of the previous year.

Much as the persons responsible are happy about the positive rating in the container segment it is also raising some concerns: Antwerp is worried about that the existing, state-of-the art and  especially on the left Schelde shore concentrated container minimum basic capacity will already be depleted in a few years if the strong volume growth is continuing.
To counteract this in time, two impact directions are urgently required on harbor sight:

Firstly the new construction of terminal capacity on the left Schelde shore. The plan will led having the working name “Saftinghedok” and will pick up directly to the giant complex in the area of the Deuerganck dock. The second foray concerns cooperation with the Flemish cost haven Zeebrugge almost 80 km distance of Antwerp. A few days ago the port authority of both location announced that a cooperation of both havens will be checked by extern experts. Zeebrugge already has what Antwerp needed fast; free capacities and a lot of surface. Next year the work results shall be available.   



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