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2018-07-13 Impacts of Climate Change

|   Aviation

The global climate change is known to bring violent storms, flooding and rising temperatures. This will bring direct effects to the worldwide aviation industry.

The European air traffic control Eurocontrol asked airline companies in a current study how much the climate change will affect their business.

The study indicated that 57 percent of the asked European airlines are sure that the consequences of climate change will influence their business until 2050. 86 percent think it is necessary to take action. Only every second enterprise is dealing with special arrangements.

“In the past five years the proportion of organizations who want to plan an adjustment to the impacts of climate change had barely changed.” Confronted Eurocontrol. This might be a clear risk for the future” the supervisors said.  

86 percent of the respondents believe that measures should be taken now or in the very near future. Only 52 percent just begun with the planning. Besides an increase of delays Eurocontrol banking on temporary or permanent loss of airport capacities as well infrastructure problems. In a still pending detailed report with the topic climate change Eurocontrol will need to address how the aviation can be better prepared.



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