High stability for Dr. Peters nursing care funds

  • Senior residential properties are successful "earning drivers" in the Dr. Peters portfolio 
  • Investors have been in the black for a long time  
  • Portfolio management extends two important lease agreements with the Pro Seniore Group by 15 years each  

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Dortmund, August 10, 2022 - All nursing homes financed by closed-end real estate funds of Dr. Peters Group are running very steadily regarding economic terms. For the first half of 2022, around EUR 2.3 million were paid out to investors for in total eleven funds. Measured against the limited liability capital of the paying funds, the payout in the first half of the year amounts to an average of around 2 percent. For the second half of the year, a payout of 2,5 percent on average is forecast.  

"The investments in our nursing care funds are an illustrative example of successful long-term real estate investments that act as an anchor of stability in our investors' portfolios even in turbulent market phases such as we are currently experiencing," says Nils Hübener, Co-CEO of Dr. Peters Group, adding: "We know from discussions with our sales partners that stability and asset preservation are most important to investors, especially in uncertain times. This is a clear mandate that we fulfill with our nursing care funds."  

The current nursing care funds of Dr. Peters Group were launched in the years 1994 to 1999 with a total volume of 216 mil. euros.  Since then, their investors have received cumulative payouts averaging around 135 percent up to the end of the first half of 2022. 

All of Dr. Peters Group's nursing care funds have already been running much longer than planned. From the investors' point of view, this will remain the case. "In light of the stability of the fund performance as well as the good earnings prospects for the future, the vast majority of investors in the respective investment company would like to remain invested," says Hübener. 

Portfolio and asset management is a key success factor for the stability of fund performance. Not least because of this, the Dr. Peters real estate portfolio is de facto fully let with an occupancy rate of 99.98 percent. The successful conclusion of negotiations on the extension of two leases with the Pro Seniore Group at the end of 2021 contributed to this. 

The private operator of senior citizens' facilities, founded in 1997, manages more than 100 properties throughout Germany, according to its own information. These include the retirement and nursing homes in Bad Bibra (DS Fonds 48) and in Arneburg (DS Fonds 53) included in the Dr. Peters real estate portfolio, which are now under contract with Pro Seniore for a further 15 years. This strong result cannot be taken for granted, explains Hübener: "We regard this as a particular success because the regulatory requirements for inpatient facilities have recently become stricter and also represent a major economic challenge for the operators." 

Investors in both funds have acknowledged the successful contract extension with 100 percent approval and can look forward to solid payouts in the future.  

And so will the investors in other Dr. Peters funds. Because by the end of this year, the Group plans to renegotiate and extend four more leases for care properties. 

About Dr. Peters Group:
Dr. Peters Group is an owner-operated, independent group of companies owned by the Salamon family. The group has been structuring and managing real es-tate investments for private and institutional investors since 1975. 
The very first products were funds with which investors could successfully in-vest in real estate.  The focus was, and still is, on the hotel, retail, and care sectors.
Dr. Peters Group has launched 146 funds in total - with more than 95,000 shares and a total investment volume of over €7bn. This makes the Dr. Peters Group one of the leading German providers of tangible asset investments. Dr. Peters Group employs around 120 people at its locations in Dortmund, Hamburg, and London.

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