Dr. Peters Group's local supply fund raises forecast and investors receive first dividend

  •  Public AIF "Real Estate Portfolio Germany I" makes first payout as planned 
  •  Portfolio of local supply properties generates stable revenue 
  •  Investors benefit from low purchase prices and secure financing on favorable terms 

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Dortmund, July 20, 2022 - Investors in the closed-end public AIF "Real Estate Portfolio Germany I" managed by Dr. Peters Group will receive their first payout in July as planned. The projected payout is 4 percent p.a., which will be paid out to investors on a semi-annual basis. In addition to the attractive payout, the fund convinces with an above-average repayment of the loans which is consistently at 2 percent. 

"Both with the semi-annual projected payout and with above-market repayment, we underline the sound conception and implementation of our fund", Nils Hübener, Co-CEO of Dr. Peters Group, emphasizes. 


Low purchase prices and favorable financing 

The portfolio of the public AIF consists of a Lidl store with an attached beverage store in Thedinghausen, a Netto store in Wietzendorf (both in Lower Saxony) and a local shopping center with anchor tenant REWE Group in Bestwig (North Rhine-Westphalia). Dr. Peters Group is currently examining the purchase of a further property. It concerns a supermarket that is leased long-term to one of the three largest food retailers in Germany. 

"We have acquired all three properties tied up to the fund so far with low purchase price factors compared to the market and with long-term favorable financing", Hübener explains. "After the purchase, we were thus already able to increase the fund's earnings forecast. According to the current calculation, the total cash return before taxes is now at 153 percent, a good 8 percentage points above the forecast value shown in our brochure." 


Opportunity to increase fund income through indexed leases 

A further increase in the total fund return forecast could come from the recent sharp rise in inflation. The leases on all fund properties are indexed, which creates an opportunity for fund income to increase over the term. 

In a conservative scenario, the increase in average inflation alone from 1.5 to 2.0 percent per year has a positive impact on fund performance. According to current forecasts, in this scenario the total return to investors increases from just under 153 to just under 158 percent. Assuming an annual inflation of 3 percent, the calculated total return would even climb to 167.5 percent. 

The public AIF "Real Estate Portfolio Germany I" can still be subscribed to in the second half of 2022 starting with a minimum investment of 5,000 euros. The fund is aiming for an equity volume of around 13 million euros. The term is planned until the end of 2033. 


About Dr. Peters Group:
Dr. Peters Group is an owner-operated, independent group of companies owned by the Salamon family. The group has been structuring and managing real estate investments for private and institutional investors since 1975. 
The very first products were funds with which investors could successfully invest in real estate.  The focus was, and still is, on the hotel, retail, and care sectors.
Dr. Peters Group has launched 146 funds in total - with more than 95,000 shares and a total investment volume of over €7bn. This makes the Dr. Peters Group one of the leading German providers of tangible asset investments. Dr. Peters Group employs around 120 people at its locations in Dortmund, Hamburg, and London.

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