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Investors benefit from our many years of experience in purchasing, managing and marketing properties. We know the ins and outs of each of the various property types, such as nursing homes, retail properties, office properties and, of course, the particular requirements of the hotel market. This is a key quality factor that customers can rely on.




Our property team applies the highest quality standards in the purchase of properties. A carefully developed criteria set paves the way for potential negotiations with sellers, tenants and lessees. In the next phase, we conduct a multi-stage due diligence assessment to gain a clear picture of the opportunity/risk profile as the primary basis for the purchase decision. This approach has proven highly effective.

In addition to purchasing existing properties, we consider investing in properties under development. Here, we can enter at any stage of the project, from purchasing the unbuilt land followed by subsequent planning through to acquiring development projects or properties that are already under construction. Our team negotiates as equal partners with architects, construction planners and all other parties involved. We also assess each transaction with regard to the acquisition structure.



All commercial properties in our property portfolio are managed by DS Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG, our experienced, professional asset and property management service provider within Dr. Peters Group. As the operating phase is by far the longest stage of the property life cycle, sustainability and the professional expertise of property managers are particularly important. DS Immobilien also offers its services to outside investors and property owners. The asset management service portfolio ranges from continuous cash flow planning and analyses of future earnings and value growth potential through business plans for property letting all the way to exit strategies.

DS Immobilien’s team covers the full spectrum of property management responsibilities, including commercial, infrastructure and technical building services management. On the commercial side, this includes tenant canvassing, ongoing tenancy contract management, tenancy accounts, service charge billing and all correspondence with tenants, authorities and other parties. In infrastructure management, DS Immobilien obtains and supervises facility services such as caretaking, grounds maintenance, security services, cleaning and supply/waste disposal contracts. Responsibilities relating to technical building services include ongoing and periodic maintenance, entering into maintenance agreements, modernisations, conversions and also energy efficiency solutions.

As well as ensuring cost-efficient management, we work day in, day out to maintain and ideally increase the value of each property. Challenges met beyond the scope of daily activities include innovative and creative alternative use solutions as well as long-term strategies for property holdings.

Our team provides customers not only with property management but also with full support from the development stage and throughout the years of operation right up to the time for possible refurbishment or alternative uses.



An important part of property management is the exit strategy. The ideal sale outcome depends on many different factors, but our team’s experience and routine are an unbeatable advantage here as elsewhere.

Obtaining the maximum selling price is not only a matter of good market timing. The property itself must be ready to sell in terms of maintenance work and tenancy durations. Last but not least, investors benefit from our good connections with outside consultants and other players in the property sector.



Süd-West-Haus Dortmund, Office and Retail property

  • anchor tenants: dm, Physiopraxis
  • fund: DS 16
  • issue year: 1985

Hotel Golden Tulip Bielefeld

  • anchor tenants: Nordic Hotels GmbH
  • fund: DS 17
  • issue year: 1985

Carat-Hotel Grömitz

  • anchor tenants: DS-Rendite-Fonds GmbH & Co. Golf Club- und Sporthotel Grömitz KG
  • fund: DS 18
  • issue year: 1986

Select Hotel Rüsselsheim

  • anchor tenants: Novum Hotels West GmbH
  • fund: DS 23
  • issue year: 1989

shopping center Bad Frankenhausen

  • anchor tenants: Edeka
  • fund: DS 33
  • issue year: 1993

business center Seelow

  • anchor tenants: Kaufland, KIK, toom
  • fund: DS 34
  • issue year: 1993

retirement and nursing home Aschersleben

  • anchor tenants: Marseille AG
  • fund: DS 40
  • issue year: 1994/95

retirement and nursing home Tangerhütte

  • anchor tenants: Marseille AG
  • fund: DS 42
  • issue year: 1994

retirement and nursing home Coswig

  • anchor tenants: Marseille AG
  • fund: DS 44
  • issue year: 1994

retirement and nursing home Bad Bibra

  • anchor tenants: Pro Seniore
  • fund: DS 48
  • issue year: 1995

retirement and nursing home Arneburg

  • anchor tenants: Pro Seniore
  • fund: DS 53
  • issue year: 1996

retirement and nursing home Joachimsthal

  • anchor tenants: Pro Seniore
  • fund: DS 54
  • issue year: 1997

retirement and nursing home Großröhrsdorf

  • anchor tenants: Pro Seniore
  • fund: DS 55
  • issue year: 1996/97

retirement and nursing home Kölleda

  • anchor tenants: Pro Seniore
  • fund: DS 58
  • issue year: 1997

retirement and nursing home Sömmerda

  • anchor tenants: Pro Seniore
  • fund: DS 59
  • issue year: 1997

retirement and nursing home Leinefelde

  • anchor tenants: Pro Seniore
  • fund: DS 64
  • issue year: 1998

Schlosspark retirement and nursing home Chemnitz

  • anchor tenants: Pro Seniore
  • fund: DS 69
  • issue year: 1999

office building Freiburg

  • anchor tenants: Bundesanstalt für Immobilien, RCW Unternehmensgruppe, Volksbank
  • fund: 121
  • issue year: 2007

Hotel Hampton by Hilton Aachen

  • lessee: tristar GbmH
  • franchisor: Hilton Worldwide Franchising LP
  • brand: Hampton by Hilton
  • fund: DS 141
  • issue year: 2017

Courtyard by Marriott Oberpfaffenhofen

  • lessee: Realotel Oberpfaffenhofen Hotelbetriebs GmbH
  • franchisor: Global Hospitality Licensing S.à r.l.
  • brand: Courtyard by Mariott
  • fund: DS 142
  • issue year: 2018

shopping center Bestwig

  • tenants: REWE, CenterShop, TEDi, KIK
  • fund: Immobilienportfolio Deutschland I
  • issue year: 2020

grocery discounter Wietzendorf

  • anchor tenant: Netto
  • fund: Immobilienportfolio Deutschland I
  • issue year: 2020

shopping center THEDINGHAUSEN

  • anchor tenant: Lidl
  • fund: Immobilienportfolio Deutschland I
  • issue year: 2020

Our Tenants



Stefan Gerth

Senior Investment Manager

  • Degree in property investment banking and structural engineering
  • Around 20 years’ experience
  • With Dr. Peters since 2014
  • In charge of property purchasing
  • Previously employed at Aengevelt, IKEA, Bilfinger and Deutsche Bank Group
  • Strong network in the real estate market, particularly in the retail, office and hotel asset classes, including sellers, developers, consultants, operators, lenders, estate agents and lawyers

André Kempken

Head of Property Management

  • Bachelor of Arts (property and facility management)
  • Over 15 years’ experience
  • With Dr. Peters since 2020
  • Previously employed at LEG NRW GmbH, PropertyFirst Bochum GmbH and Trei Real Estate GmbH
  • Responsible for the commercial management of over 70 properties before joining Dr. Peters

Markus Gürtler

Technical Senior Property Manager

  • Degree in mechanical and safety engineering
  • Over 20 years’ experience
  • With Dr. Peters since 2020
  • Responsible for the technical management of all Group portfolio properties
  • Previously employed as Technical Director in the tristar hotel group

Dennis Blaschka

Technical Property Manager

  • State-accredited business economist
  • Around 10 years’ experience
  • With Dr. Peters since March 2021
  • Responsible for the technical management of the Group’s portfolio properties
  • Previously employed at LEG NRW GmbH and Vonovia, with technical management of up to around 1,000 rental units

Inga Schnieder

Commercial Property Manager

  • Qualified property manager
  • Around 10 years’ experience
  • With Dr. Peters since 2019
  • Responsible for the commercial management of all Group portfolio properties
  • Previously employed at Deutsche Annington and Vonovia

Petra Zastrow

Commercial clerk

  • Qualified office administrator
  • Over 20 years’ experience
  • With Dr. Peters as commercial clerk in Sales from 2008 to 2020
  • With Dr. Peters Property Management since 2021

Fabian Schultheis

Head of Portfolio Management

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Around 10 years’ experience
  • With Dr. Peters since 2016
  • Previously employed at Bayer and Harpen Immobilien

Björn Juhnke

Portfolio Manager

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • Over 10 years’ experience
  • With Dr. Peters since 2012
  • Previously employed at PWC and Rölfs RP AG

André Holz

Portfolio Manager

  • Bachelor Professional of Business (CCI))
  • Around 10 years’ experience
  • With Dr. Peters since 2013


Experience and expertise are an enormous advantage for our investors. These skills enable us to reduce risks and increase potential returns. In the property business, we plan for the long term. Accordingly – also with a view to the long lifetime of a building – it is all the more important to be thorough and forward-looking when planning investment decisions. This is part of our business philosophy.

Key criteria for property selection include location quality, tenant credit quality as well as an attractive purchase price. We negotiate individual contracts that meet specific requirements and look for properties with good, lasting structural quality.

We aim to provide an all-inclusive, carefree package for our investors. In-depth advance research such as market and location analyses, due diligence and alternative use value (AUV) benchmarking let us spot market opportunities early on and minimize potential risks. In selecting attractive real estate investments, we aim for a balanced opportunity/risk profile with sustainable returns for our investors. We subject potential investment properties to objective and critical assessment. As experts in the field, we know the ins and outs of regional markets as well as of the various different types of property.